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Pulsechain support is EXPERIMENTAL.
  • Available ONLY in "On-chain" mode.
  • Query is 5x times slower than other chains. Keep that in mind if you have many miners.
  • You may choose to offload PulseChain reporting to a separate "on-chain" portfolio. This will help with speeding up lookup for other chains. Use "Import Book" / "Export Book".

    Address Chain Miner Policy Locked Principal (₲) Locked Principal ($) Reward Shares (#) Miner Start (D) Miner End (D) Progress Ended (D) Earnings (₲) Earnings ($) APY (%) (minerIndex) Auctioned?
    Address Chain Miner Policy Principal Reward Shares Miner Start Miner End Ended Auctioned
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    Stakes and principal vs. earnings

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